35mm Negative Pockets 4 Frame Strip and 6 Frame Strip 60 micron

Negatives and Slides

Acid-free – 35mm Negative pockets 4 Frame strip and 6 frame strip 60 MICRON

Pack of 25



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Packs of 25 (acid-free) negative pockets

The pockets for 35mm Negatives are cut into strips of 4 and 6

  • The 4 Frame Strip will hold 10 Strips of 4 Frame negatives per pocket
  • The 6 Frame Strip will hold 7 Strips of 6 Frame  negatives per pocket
  • Each pocket also has a strip for a tab to record information
  • Suitable for long term storage

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Product Reviews

27 reviews for 35mm Negative Pockets 4 Frame Strip and 6 Frame Strip 60 micron

  1. Stephanie McDonald

  2. David Clarke

  3. Richard M.

    Always great quality products and service from Albox. My entire archive of 850 film rolls is sleeved in Albox sleeves, in Albox binders.

  4. Brenton B.

    Excellent product and locally available in Adelaide. Good communication regarding order received, completed and available for collection. Delighted to renew acquaintance with Preview Plastics from first dealings for work back in the 1970s.

  5. Dudley

    Would have been nice to get paper inserts for labelling included

  6. Christopher F.


  7. Suzanne Laslett

    Excellent product

  8. Anonymous

    Just what I wanted and expected.

  9. Therese G.

    I have negatives that go back 40 years so I’m thrilled to be able to safely store them for future generations.

  10. Martin Dumbrell

    Friendly and fast service. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous

    Great product.

  12. David Crowe

    I previously tried 35mm pocket made of glass line which were quite opaque. Your product is strong, clear and tough. I use them to display my bookmark collection

  13. Janet

    Very prompt service. A slight misunderstanding on my part was very quickly sorted out efficiently and courteously. I’ll definitely come back in the future.

  14. Rob Scroop

    Very good service

  15. Anonymous

    Perfect for putting away all those negatives in loose pockets. Nice and thin, very clear, but strong. Albox always has the right solution for photo storage and at a great quality.

  16. Eva

    I have been sorting all my elderly parents photos which were in large albums or mixed in envelopes. It was a mess! It was very hard to know how to sort it out in order. I bought the ‘4 frame strip sleeves’ and started sorting the negatives to see which photos belonged together. I realised the negatives were all mixed as well, but the sleeves are so clear that you can use a lap top with a blank white background as a light box. The negative sleeves sit upright beautifully against the screen to give a clear view of the negatives. It made a huge difference in how easy it was too sort out. I sorted as much as I could with each negative in order in the sleeves (leaving a blank space if a negative was missing) and then I could easily see what was missing from each roll and filled it in with the loose negatives that were mixed. We also found so many negatives that we did not have the photos of any more so were able to identify these and remake the photos to put into the albums. It was a huge job, but to see my parents enjoying their past and remembering with such joy is just priceless. I absolutely would not have been able to sort through the mess without these negative sleeves. It is easy to put negatives in and out as they are very flexible but sturdy enough to sit upright when required and very clear to get the best view of the negative picture. I also got my order delivered the day after I ordered it both times, as I needed to order more sleeves after I found how very useful they are.

  17. Jeremy Collins

  18. Andy B.

    I am new to your products, but I am very impressed with the density of the material and apparent quality, I will now be transferring all my 120 film to your product as well.
    I personally hang my negs in suspension files in a steel filing cabinet, your negative sleeves work very well stored like this.
    Thanks again for your awesome product and I look forward to purchasing from you again.

  19. Richard

    Another great product.

  20. DEBRA H.

    Fantastic service! Ordered one day, product arrived the next.

  21. Brendan

    Good value for money. Quality sleeves that keep my negatives safe and clean. Have been using for years now and will keep going for many more years to come.

  22. lily l.

    These plastic sleeves have 7 pockets not 6, luckily this didn’t effect my plans for storage. With wide openings at both ends getting the film in and out of the pockets is easy and no damage to the film or the sleeve.

  23. Brad

  24. Michelle

  25. David

  26. Peter

    great product and excellent delivery service

  27. Anonymous

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