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  • File Box

    FILE BOX (acid-free) – 390 x 260 x 62mm Assemble Instructions

    * 2 ring Foolscap Filebox – 55mm ring capacity option.

    Use as a box or as a file for foolscap size documents.

    • Provision for index card
    • Easy access “Open Out” Box design.
    • Suitable for Foolscap and A4 size document filing.
    not rated $24.99
  • Library Boxes 2 Sizes

    A4 size 320 x 230 x 100mm in 1mm grey polypropylene Assembly Instructions

    Foolscap size 370mm x 230mm x 100mm Grey 1mm thick PP

    An ideal storage system(acid-free) for magazines, documents, pamphlets and textiles.

  • Storage Box & File Tray 13″

    13″ Storage Box (acid-free) – with tray insert (photo pockets not included) for the safe storage or transport of work in progress

    Handle included

    Suitable for the 12″ x 12″ pockets and most of the sizes in the Albox photo pocket range



    not rated $28.99
  • Satchels Grey

    Grey polypropylene satchel (acid-free) Assembly Instructions

    Made in 0.8mm thickness

    A4 330mm x 250mm 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/40mm/50mm

    Foolscap 360mm x 260mm x 30mm

    A3 340mm x 480mm 30mm


    not rated $7.95$13.95
  • Music Score Box Carry Case

    Music Score Box (Carrycase) – BLACK – 390 x 275 x 62mm Assembly Instructions

    with handel complete acid-free

    not rated $24.99
  • CD Box – Black

    Container (acid-free) for suitable storing CDs/DVDs – 243 x 145 x 130mm. Made in 1.0mm polypropylene. Assembly Instructions

    Lightweight, yet strong and durable.

    Holds 23 DVDs in their cases.

    Holds 35 CDs in slimline cases.

  • Sale!

    CDFILE – With Slip Cover

    3 Ring 25mm CD Binder with slip cover (1mm PP) with 25 Clear PP CD pockets(acid-free)- holds 50 CDs.

    Refill pages available separately in packs of 25 – Code CDPKT-DBL-25 $10.99 per pack.

    Note that CD pages will fit any 2, 3 or 4 ringed folders, files or binders.

    not rated $27.50 $23.50
  • Magazine Holder

    Magazine holder made in strong 1.4mm acid-free polypropylene 250 x 280 x 80mm

    Front label pockets optional extra


    not rated $10.99