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  • Archival Storage Boxes

    Type 180 Archival Storage Box – 380mm(L) x 260mm(H) x 180mm(W) Made from 1.0mm acid-free Polypropylene PP

    Type 150 Archival Storage Box – 380mm(L) x 260mm(H) x 150mm(W) Made from 1.0mm acid-free Polypropylene PP

    Assembly Instructions

    • All boxes are delivered flat for cost effective shipping
    • Easy assemble
    • Water & rodent resistant
    • Great for hot and humid conditions
    • No internal finger holes
    • OHS&W compliant
    • Spine label pocket
    • For large quantities please phone or email (please see contact details

    Quantity Discounts

    1-2                 3+

    $9.75 each     $6.50 each

    We also stock Box Liners for this type of box.

  • Box Liner-Acid Free

    Box liner(acid-free) for use with Type 1 P 150 and Type 1 P 180 boxes 455x400x200x40um
    Pack of 10 box liners @ $4.99 per pack ($0.499 each)


  • Type 3 Archive Box

    TYPE 3 STORAGE BOX – 371mm(L) x 160mm(W) x 112mm(H)                                                                   

    Made from 1.0mm acid-free polypropylene Assembly Instructions

    • All boxes are delivered flat for cost effective shipping
    • Easy to assemble
    • Ideal for storage of 6″ x 4″ photos, textiles, jewellery etc
    • Quantity discounts

            1-2 $9.75          3-5 $8.73           6-10 $7.80

  • Type 5 Archive Box

    TYPE 5 ARCHIVE BOX(acid-free) – 375 x 215 x 140mm in 1.0mm acid-free polypropylene Assembly Instructions

    Suitable for storing 7.5″ x 5″ photos standing on the edge – landscape style

    Ideal for Multi-purpose storage


  • Archival Library Boxes


    Highly versatile and adaptable

    A2 size 610mm x 440mm x 100mm

    A3 size 440 x 310 x 100mm

    Made in 1.4mm polypropylene with a separate lid made in 1.0mm grey polypropylene. Assembly Instructions

    Benefits of A2 and A3 Library Box:

    • Durable and long-lasting.
    • A drop side base allows for easy access to contents.
    • High quality and lightweight polypropylene material.
    • Outstanding shock absorbency and compression, providing excellent protection for your products during transportation.
    • Preserve and store your items for a lifetime.

    Why these Library Boxes superior to other packaging materials?

    • Resists bacterial growth.
    • More visually appealing to customers.
    • Easier to handle.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Less expensive.
    • Environmentally sound.

    With a high range of designs and a variety of box sizes available, ALBOX provide best storage solutions to meet your needs. Order your storage box online and we’ll provide affordable and efficient delivery all across Australia.

    To buy superior quality storage files, boxes and other preservation accessories, browse through our complete range in our online store ALBOX today.

  • ALBOX – Grey

    The ALBOX(acid-free) is an award-winning design all purpose storage box.
    385mm x 385mm x 385mm – Colour – Grey sides with a Black Base and Lid
    Flat packed for cost effective shipping.  Easy to assemble.
    SPECIAL PRICE for 5 boxes $179.95 including FREE SHIPPING.  If ordering the 5 boxes please choose ‘Local Pick up’ (SA only) and Postcode 5000)

    If ordering other products there may be a charge for shipping for the extra products.  Please call or email to confirm.

  • Broadsheet Box

    Broadsheet newspaper box (acid-free) – 620 x 450 x 70mm

    Grey Lid – 1.0mm / Black Base 1.4mm Polypropylene Assembly Instructions


  • Textile Box – Small

    SMALL TEXTILE BOX (acid-free)- 800 x 540 x 170mm, Grey Lid – 1.00mm / Black Base – 1.4mm Polypropylene Assembly Instructions

    not rated $84.99
  • Textile Box – Large

    TEXTILE BOX(acid-free) – 1350 x 540 x 140mm, Grey Lid – 1.00mm / Black Base – 1.4mm Polypropylene Assembly Instructions

    not rated $119.49
  • Tabloid Boxes

    Tabloid Box LARGE  (acid-free) 485 x 325 x 100mm Assembly Instructions

    Tabloid Box SMALL 415mm x 315mm x 100mm

    PP Thickness-Base 1.4mm-Lid 1.0mm polypropylene.