About Us

Albox was established in 1989. It is Australian owned and operated. It is a product development company specialising in the design of leading edge products for records management - office, archival and photographic.  Albox uses polypropylene, either film, sheet, moulded or extruded, in most of its products and several patent applications have been made to cover the original designs.

The general thrust of the Albox design program is to use environmentally friendly contemporary materials to replace both PVC and paperboard in stationery applications.  Albox designs and manufactures in house plus outsources a small amount of production to approved manufacturers in Australia and China. This enables the appropriate supply source to be chosen to meet optimum price and performance standards requested by customers.


Marketing of Albox products has to date been focused in Australia to establish consumer acceptance but significant sales have been made to other countries Recently, several new products reached production stage and Albox has started setting up an international marketing network.

Albox has a challenging objective: To create a completely new records management system that will enable the continuum of records management from office to archive without re-packaging. A system that is acid free, metal free, adhesive free and recyclable. And a system that has a competitive price and the lowest whole of life cost.

Preview Industries

The parent company is Preview Industries Australia first established as A R Patrick in 1923 making metal buttons and other promotional products, the Patrick Bothers then changed its name to Preview Plastics today they make many different products using polypropylene and PVC.

Mat Supplies was established in 2005 (originally as Image Mats but renamed in 2015 and merged into the business to provide a wide range of stocked mat products and customised logo mats.

Menu Covers supplies quality and great value stocked menu covers.

Menu Stylist supplies custom made menu covers.


  • Ray Taarnby - CEO
  • Deb Mattner - Preview Plastics
  • Debbie Maidment- Menu Stylist/Menu Covers
  • Mandy Matthews - Mat Supplies
  • Jacqueline White - ALBOX
  • Tony Signoriello - Production